Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In the classroom at the top of the stairs
(turn right - there are two doors
use either)
on the counter,
there are three bowls.
Clay, they're made of, impressed
with little fingerprints
pushed in.

In the bowls there are small mementos
snippets of lessons
the teacher hopes were learnt
or anyway, that they will be remembered when the fingernail sized heart
red felt clipped a little off-center
is touched.
Or maybe the bean
or the seed will remind.

In the light that falls through very tall windows
three clay bowls sit.
They are unbroken.
They hold the lessons.

Please be careful if you clean.


  1. My dear Etiennette, I'm so glad to have found you again. We "met" at French chic, then I lost track of you, now, thanks to a chiclette, I've rediscovered you. I've been thinking of you because I wanted to thank you for helping me through the last several years.

    What I have carried with me is your idea about each of us being on our own path through the woods. Sometimes we stroll, sometimes we run, sometimes we take side paths that look interesting and lead in new directions, other times we sit by the side of the path and watch the world rush by. We may walk with companions, but most often alone. We must always pay attention to what we're doing, to our surroundings; it is our own choice whether to walk or run or sit in the shade for awhile. I've practiced this often over the last several years, when I allowed circumstances and other people to run my life, or when I felt completely lost. Often I would imagine myself sitting on a lovely carved wooden bench just off the path, I'd see the dappled forest floor, hear birds and small creature, feel a soft wind on my face. Sometimes I'd go into the woods to hide by myself. But I'd always come back to the path refreshed and focussed.

    You taught me this and it has saved my heart and sanity many times.

    All the best, Katherine Louise (Kit)

  2. OHMYWORD!!!! Kit!!! Hello! And yes yes a thousand times yes, I remember you, and nobody ever calls me Etiennette anymore (except a few carefully chosen computer programs, where I've called myself that because I love it so much). I am so very pleased to hear from you! (I'm on facebook, so send me a friend request if you are too.) And - just - wow. That anything I said back then has been so helpful to you - I just have no words. So much gratitude. Thank you so much for finding me again! It's wonderful to know you're well.